Policy Adoption Materials

Landlord's Guide

Good Health is Good Business: A landlord's guide to increasing revenue by adopting smoke free policies
The guide encourages smoke free policies in multi-unit housing. It has everything you need to ask questions of your tenants, write and addition to your lease that covers a smoke free policy, and how to let your residents know about the policy. Go to the Guide now

Policy Adoption Materials

Tenant Surveys
Survey your residents to determine how they feel about a no-smoking policy. Use these sample surveys or choose the questions that best fit your community. You may want to offer residents some type of an incentive, such as a gift card, to encourage your residents to complete the survey.
Sample Tenant Letter and Survey
Sample Tenant Survey

No-Smoking Lease Language
Sample Model Lease Addendum
Sample Model Lease for Housing Authorities

Announcing the Policy to Residents
Sample Resident Notification Letter1
Sample Resident Notification Letter2

Smoke Free Policy Adoption Checklist
This checklist helps you to adopt a policy easily and efficiently. Smoke Free Policy Adoption Checklist

Policy Implementation Materials

Good Health Is Good Business: A landlord's guide to increasing revenue by adopting smoke-free policies.

This guide is to serve as a resource for local health departments, community agencies, and other tobacco prevention partners interested in implementing secondhand smoke policies at the local level. As a manger or landlord, this guide specifically addresses secondhand smoke policy in multi-unit housing and provides helpful information in creating a smoke free policy. For complete details download our MUH Tool Kit


Signs are an easy way to alert residents and guests about the no-smoking policy in your apartment or condominium community. To view and order signs: Go to signs.

Policy Sustainability Materials

Sustainability and Enforcement Tips
Making Sure Your Policy Works
Enforcement Tips

Advertise your community

List your smoke free apartment or condominium on Utah's Smoke Free Housing Directory. The statewide directory is a listing of rental properties that provide smoke free multi-unit housing in the State of Utah. This listing is provided as a free service to managers, owners and renters.

Managers and owners who are interested in listing your property can go to the directory. You may also fill out the Smoke free Housing Application and fax to 801-538-6540.

Cessation Resources
Let residents know about resources available to help smokers quit. Utah Tobacco Quit Line

Legal Materials

Tobacco Control Legal Consortium (TCLC) - TCLC is a national network supporting tobacco control policy change by giving advocates better access to legal expertise. TCLC has developed summaries of various issues regarding secondhand smoke in multiple unit dwellings. Individuals with questions regarding application of the law to specific facts should consult a qualified legal advisor familiar with laws in Utah.

There is No Constitutional Right to Smoke. A synopsis explaining why smoking is not a constitutionally protected right.

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Effective Legal Protections Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure.
A synopsis of the law describing when exposure to secondhand smoke qualifies as a disability under the ADA, the scope and constitutionality of Titles I and II of the ADA, as well as remedies under the ADA for smoking-related discrimination.

Infiltration of Secondhand Smoke into Condominiums, Apartments and Other Multi-Unit Dwellings.
A synopsis summarizing the legal remedies for landlords, condominium associations and tenants of multi-unit dwellings concerned about secondhand smoke infiltration.

Legal Options for Condominium Owners Exposed to Secondhand Smoke.
A synopsis of legal options for condominiums.

Secondhand Smoke Seepage into Multi-Unit Affordable Housing.
This law synopsis, which was issued in April, 2010 by the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium and written by SFELP Consulting Attorney Susan Schoenmarklin, discusses smoke free policies in public and other affordable housing. The synopsis analyzes the legal issues, HUD policies, and how to adopt smoke free policies.

Additional Resources

There are many smoke free housing programs throughout the United States and Canada that are working with managers and landlords to adopt a voluntary smoke free policy within their communities. To get more information link here.